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Previously, laser hair removal was painful, requiring many sessions and results were not always prolonged; this is already part of the past, thanks to technological advances, high quality equipment has been developed that offer excellent results in the removal of unwanted hair; Of all the lasers that exist on the market, without a doubt, the diode laser is the most effective, and the most used in Medellin  to perform definitive hair removal treatments.

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DIODO laser equipment has extraordinary precision, formed by small semiconductor diodes that form a beam of light, which penetrates the hair follicle and weakens it, also reaches the germ cells, responsible for hair growth, so it prevents it from growing again.

It is a fast, easy and safe method that can be used in both men and women, it can also be applied on all skin types (up to phototype 6) to remove hair permanently on the body. That’s why we have chosen the best DIODO LASER hair removal equipment with the latest technology to care for our patients, guaranteeing the best results.

At BRASSIA, you can attend a titration appointment at no cost, and start your treatment, so that you look more beautiful, hydrated and hair-free skin, we have expert staff in the management of diode laser hair removal, with permanent medical supervision.


Effective, fast and safe treatment

I'm just in an annoying way

For all skin types

Eliminates folliculitis and irritation

Reduces friction and humidity in athletes

Softens and depigments treated skin


What is diode laser hair removal?

Laser light generates a wavelength that acts specifically on melanin (a substance that gives hair color), transforming that wave in heat and destroying the cells that produce hair through a phenomenon called selective photothermolysis, so that it is produces a definitive hair removal preventing hair from growing again. This destruction is not achieved in a single session because treatment is only effective in the active phase of the follicle, and should be performed every 45 or 60 days giving time for the hair phase to have changed. This is why several sessions are required to complete the treatment.

Does the diode laser offer definitive hair removal?

Yes, it is proven that it is the laser that offers the best results,it is also the safest, since with its wavelength treats the hair follicle more punctual without damaging the skin.

Who is the hair removal indicated on?

Laser hair removal is indicated in those male or female patients who want to remove annoying hairs or hairs from the body, in areas that generate aesthetic alteration or discomfort in their hygiene.

It is indicated in people that by the exit of hair generate diseases in the skin such as folliculitis, dermatitis, irritation, ingrown hairs, darkening of the skin, etc. that produce severe inflammatory processes, naturally annoying or by the Shaving. It is also used in athletes looking to reduce friction in sports such as swimming or decrease humidity in other sports such as football.

Can young Yes or Nobe waxed?

Hair growth in young people, although it is a normal physiological process, causes many irritation problems with boil formation, dermatitis, including abscesses, etc. In addition, in this age hormonal changes, sweating and acne often worsen the problem generated by an affectation in the health of the skin.

At BRASSIA we treat patients from the age of 15 with the permission of a responsible adult, who must accompany the minor to the assessment appointment and each appointment of the procedure.

We recommend waiting until the suggested age to avoid setbacks and make a more conscious decision about treatment.

How effective is laser hair removal?

It is important to clarify that there is no equipment in the world that to date, achieves a hair removal of 100%, due to the variability of the body and the resistance that causes the skin to any hair removal method, generating new hair follicles.

However, diode laser hair removal is the most effective method worldwide for permanent hair removal. Our hair removal equipment is new, high-end using the latest technology achieving safely, quickly and painlessly remove hair, which could guarantee a removal of up to 80% of the hairs with the recommended number of sessions.

How do I perform a diode laser hair removal?

The first thing is to attend an initial assessment appointment, where our expert staff, will examine the skin and hair population of the area, it is also important to inform us in that appointment if you suffer from any skin diseases,such as psoriasis, if you take medication that generates photosensitivity, if you are in pregnancy, if you have wounds, moles or tattoos among other factors. With this appointment we seek to set the parameters of the laser  to penetrate the skin without damaging it, and the number of sessions to achieve a definitive hair removal.

What is the LASER hair removal equipment in Brassia?

We have the LEASEIR  High Power Diode Equipment, with the most advanced diode laser technology in the world, with the best continuous cooling system of 0oC in the handpiece, which acts as an anesthetic and protects the epidermis to avoid injuries in any type of skin.

Our team was awarded the Best Photodepilation Apparatus Award 2018 in Europe.

Does laser hair removal hurt?

LASER hair removal is not considered painful as such, and the equipment we use has a cooling system that helps to control very well the discomfort that might be felt. The sensation is described by patients as a very soft pinch or a tap on the skin. In patients who are very sensitive or very afraid of pain, at the recommendation of our expert staff, you may be prescribed medications to apply topically before the session, which help control the feeling of discomfort.

Do you have any contraindications?

Treatment is not recommended in pregnant women, tanned skin, patients with active infections or lesions in the area to be waxed and in patients being treated with isotretinoin.

How long does each session take?

The duration of the sessions depends on the prior preparation of the skin, the size and topography of the area to be treated and the speed of treatment that is comfortable for the patient. In general, small areas may require 10-20 minutes, medians of 20-40 minutes and large areas of 30-60 minutes from the moment you enter our headquarters until you leave. We recommend going 10 minutes before the session to avoid setbacks.

What is IPL hair removal or pulsed LIGHT?

Hair removal with pulsed light IS NOT LASER,  andis a scattered light that is not strong enough to penetrate the skin and destroy thehair follicle, therefore it is not a team that manages to perform definitive hair removal.

How much is laser hair removal worth?

The costs of a hair removal are variable, depending on the area(s) to be treated. At  BRASSIA we handle prices for sessions orpackages. You should think of laser hair removal as a  long-terminvestment, we know that itis cheaper and faster to use methods like blade or wax, but its effects last a few days (even they can only last a day), if you compare long-term time and the money you invest in these methods turns out to be much more expensive than if you perform a full laser hair removal treatment. In BRASSIA  you will find the best prices with the best LASER hair removal equipment. Additionally you will find a qualified, trained staff that will give you security and tranquility. The valuation HAS NO cost.

How should I choose where to have a LASER hair removal?

Choosing a place to perform this treatment, you should start by finding a site that is endorsed by a doctor who supervises the procedures and that the institution has the authorization of the Health Section of the department.

In BRASSIA IPS, we care about our patients and always seek to care for them with state-of-the-art equipment that guarantees the best results; At the same time we have the right medical staff for  their experience and extensive knowledge in the subject, who will advise you on everything related to LASER hair removal and the best prices.


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